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Discover new horizons and go to another country on skis to discover its mountains, its culture, its landscapes and its nature, a project of a lifetime for certain, a trip is above all a human experience.
The whole world is an exceptional playground for skiers but also for adventure in general, if you dream of skiing under the northern lights, meeting polar bears, whales or bathing in sulfurous springs after a beautiful ski tour on a volcano, then the trip is made for you.

Why go skiing or climb abroad?

Unfortunately the Alps are more and more developed to allow the winter sports industry to develop, the man gradually colonized all these wild spaces for the aseptisers and the exploiters.
That said other countries like Norway or Greenland for example also have vast massifs at least as Alpine as ours, there the ski resorts are not developed and we find much more space and wilderness , a true haven of peace for skiers in search of tranquility.
The whole region of Scandinavia is ideal for ski touring as the mountains are accessible from the road and you ski to the sea with a spectacular view of the fjords.
This is one example among many, and I invite you to open a world map to realize that there is still a lot of mountain to explore!

Regarding climbing or even mountaineering needless to say that the Himalayas, Peru or Pakistan have a wide range of peaks.

When to go on a trip?

Each country has its own weather characteristics, usually the dates I suggest are the best times to ski in the country, but the weather is not an exact science and there can be good and bad surprises.
Anyway it is possible to ski from November to May in the northern hemisphere and from May to November in the southern hemisphere. This allows you to ski 12 months if you are really upset!

When to book your trip?

6 months to 1 year in advance! Certain trips such as trips on sailboats or boats are organized well in advance because the availability of boats or sailboats is limited. It’s best and do it as soon as possible to be sure you have a choice.
This is also the case for some flights which are becoming more and more expensive, but also with certain accommodation.
For a trip to Japan in January it is necessary to book during the summer at least.
Unfortunately, some previously confidential destinations are becoming very popular too!